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My Profile Section

  Manage/Add Photo(s)

It is a very godd idea to add Photos to your Profile.
Profiles with photos will be seen much more often and will get much more responses.

This option is for adding and managing your Profile Photos.
It is quit simple to upload Photos, change the display sequences or delete Photos.

My Photos View

Currently you can have up to 5 Photos attached to your Profile. In this view you can change the display sequence, delete Photos and switch to the Photo upload view.

All Photos will be reviewed for approval in order to make sure that only suitable, showing you, none copy righted, etc ..Photos are used.

  •   Click the Load Button to load a Photo.
    If there is already a Photo on this postion, the Photo will be replaced.

  •   Click the Delete Button to delete the Photo at this postion.

  •   Click the CheckBox to allow Picture rating.

The change Position icons.
Clicking one of this icons will change the display sequence of your Photos.
Main Picture will be you your Main Profile Photo.

  •   Click to make this Photo your Main Picture.

  •   Click to move this Photo to the left.

  •   Click to move this Photo to the left.

Go to 'My Photos' Click here .


Upload Photo View

This 'Upload Photo' option you see after you clicked on the Load Button in the 'My Photos' view (see above).

Press "Browse.." and select the Photo file on your PC you would like to upload, then click 'Load'.

Please Note:

We automatically resize your pics to fit the space in your profile. Here are some hints to help maximize the quality of the picture people see of you.

  1. The Bigger The Better – a larger picture will be automatically shrunk if needed without loss of quality.
  2. You can upload ' jpg jpeg gif png' file types.
  3. Portrait or Landscape doesn't matter. We recommend that your first picture is in Portrait size for better display in the Gallery list.

Do not upload photos which you don't own, doesn't show you or are copyrighted images.

If you have problems to upload your Photo, you can send the Photo to us Click here, please include your username.


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